Aldo „Opium“ Oliviero was born in Naples in 1978. His passion for graffiti has been sparked in 1995 after watching the film „Beat Street“. Enthused by this culture and despite the lack of knowledge he began to write on walls. After a few years of activity he took a break that lasted from 1998 to 2004. In 2004 he resumed drawing after meeting his current crew members. Opium`s Graffiti Writing is rooted in American Graffiti and inspired by Phase2, Dondi White, Blade, Seen and other New York oldschool pioneers. But his writing takes on fresh shapes. With his own stylistic path, he is working on constantly developing himself and his Graffiti Art. From 2004 until today he has participated in important Graffiti meetings throughout Europe, in countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, England and France. Much of his work has been published in books, magazines and websites that show his impressive set of skills.